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Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration: PM Modi will be there on Jan, 22

On January 22, the Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration will be held in Ayodhya, the sacred city on the Sarayu River’s banks, Witness the spectacular inauguration of the Ram Temple, a project that has been a beacon of faith, devotion, and national spirit for millennia.

The distinguished presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who graced the occasion with his reverence and resolve, added to the significance of the day. According to the historic 2019 Supreme Court judgment in the Ayodhya property dispute.

Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration

Muslims will be awarded an alternative 5-acre plot of land in Dhannipur for the construction of the Babri masjid, while the Ram mandir will be built on the 2.77-acre disputed site. The ‘Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation’ was formed to oversee the mosque’s construction, while the ‘Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra’ was formed to construct the temple.

While the ‘Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra’ was founded to oversee temple development, the ‘Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation’ was formed to oversee mosque construction.

Iqbal Ansari, one of the major petitioners in the Babri Masjid-Ram temple dispute, blamed members of the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation for the mosque’s delay.

Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration

The construction of the Ram Temple has been a journey through the ages. It has witnessed legal battles, social discussions, and, most importantly, millions of people’s unwavering faith.

The opening of the temple doors today signified the culmination of years of patience and perseverance. The foundation stone, laid with passion and dreams, has become a majestic edifice that rises tall, symbolizing a nation’s collective resolve.

Onlookers were impressed by the architectural beauty of the temple, with its elaborate carvings reflecting the legend of Ramayana. Every stone seemed to tell a story, and every carving seemed to bring the epic characters to life.

It was more than simply a temple; it was a living witness to India’s rich cultural legacy, a heritage that weaves together its people in a tapestry of various yet harmonious threads.

Global Impact: Ayodhya’s Message to the World

The impact of the Ram Temple’s inauguration was felt well beyond Ayodhya’s borders; it echoed around the world. Leaders from around the world offered their greetings, recognizing the event’s cultural and spiritual significance.

Today’s Ayodhya has become a symbol of hope, demonstrating to the world the strength of faith, unity, and mutual respect. Prime Minister Modi’s participation gave the occasion a statesmanlike air, emphasizing India’s commitment to conserving its historic history while embracing modernity.

His message was clear: India stands tall as a nation that respects its past celebrates its diversity, and boldly embraces its future.

Ayodhya’s Legacy: Inspiring Future Generations

Ayodhya stood not merely as a city, but as a living manifestation of India’s ageless past, as the echoes of Vedic chants and hymns filled the air. This day’s legacy will inspire future generations, reminding them of the power of faith, the strength of solidarity, and the need for cultural identity preservation in an ever-changing world.

In the next years, the Ram Temple will be more than just a place of prayer; it will be a pilgrimage site for millions, a center of cultural exchange, and a symbol of India’s everlasting spirit.

The opening ceremony, which was graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence, will go down in history as a day when India’s cultural legacy was cherished and its unity was reaffirmed.

New Chapter of Inspiration

As the sun set behind the temple’s spires, throwing a calm glow over the Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration, it signaled not just the end of a day, but also the start of a new chapter in India’s cultural narrative.

“On this auspicious occasion of Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration, our Prime Minister is visiting Ayodhya.” We propose that he begin construction on the mosque as well. This is our earnest wish,” stated Indian Muslim League President Mohammad Ismail Ansari.

Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration


On January 22, history and faith merged in the hallowed confines of Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration, a tribute to India’s ongoing spiritual legacy. The participation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi added unique significance to the day, emphasizing India’s admiration for its diverse cultural tapestry.

With its beautiful sculptures recounting the Ramayana, the temple exhibited India’s rich past, attracting hearts all over the world. Leaders around the world recognized its cultural significance, making Ayodhya a symbol of hope and harmony.

Ayodhya murmured to the world as the sun sank, spreading a tranquil radiance – a story of faith, togetherness, and ethnic pride. This day, graced by Prime Minister Modi, symbolizes the beginning of a chapter that will inspire future generations and reinforce India’s ageless character.

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