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Sikkim Flash Floods: Teesta River Overflow Demands Urgent Action

Sikkim, a beautiful state tucked in the Himalayas, is suffering a natural disaster. Following an overflow of the Teesta River caused by a cloudburst and continuous rainfall, flash floods destroyed numerous regions of the state.

Sikkim Flash Floods, The situation has deteriorated into an emergency, necessitating immediate reaction and rescue operations as authorities work diligently to lessen the effect and protect inhabitants’ safety.

Sikkim Flash Floods

Sikkim Flash Floods

Sikkim Flash Floods rocked India’s northeast Sikkim state shortly after the Teesta River surged to dangerous levels due to a rapid cloud burst in the Mangan district’s northern section. The state administration issued an alarm in the north and east regions on Wednesday following a significant surge in the river’s water on Tuesday night.

Residents in Teesta River catchment areas have been evacuated, and a piece of Malli Road and National Highway 10 have been washed aside by the overflowing Teesta River.

The Disaster Begins: The Teesta River Overflows

Sikkim witnessed nature’s wrath at the very beginning of the morning as a cloudburst accompanied by heavy rain drenched many places. The Teesta River, a lifeline for many Sikkim people, spilled its banks, inundating surrounding areas. Residents were caught by surprise by the unexpected surge of water, causing widespread panic and anguish.

“Flooding of the river Teesta in the Basin has occurred as a result of a cloud burst in the Mangan District’s northern part.” “All are advised to remain vigilant and avoid travel across the River Basin,” read a Sikkim Pradesh Disaster Control Authority alert message.

All police stations in low-lying regions have been notified and instructed to evacuate citizens to safety. When the flash flood happened following the discharge of floodwaters from the Chungthang dam, the army trucks were parked at Bardang, near Singtam. Those who live on the Teesta River’s banks have also been told to leave their homes for their own safety.

Sikkim Flash Floods

Teesta River Overflow 

According to some information, there is a looming potential for additional devastation because Southern Lhonal Lake is on the verge of an eruption, which might cause flash floods. Furthermore, there is a higher possibility of the South Khonak River overflowing, creating a potentially violent situation.

“A massive flood took place in the Teesta River in Lachen Valley as a result of a sudden thunderstorm burst over Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim.” Some army installations throughout the valley have been impacted, and efforts are being made to corroborate information.

“The release of the water through the Chungthang dam caused a sudden increase in the level of water up to 15-20 feet high downstream,” according to an Indian army statement. Residents in low-lying areas, particularly Sangkalang, Bringbong, Ohidang, Dikchu, Makha, Singtam, Rangpo, and Melli, have been advised to relocate to safer areas.

Meanwhile, State Disaster Prevention and Management Minister Kunga Nima Lepcha, Ministers BS Panth and LB Das, as well as DC and officials, visited flood-ravaged Singtam, Adarsh Goan, and surrounding villages.

Rescue Operations are in full swing

Sikkim Flash Floods, Rescue efforts in affected areas have been exceedingly rare or heroic. Rescue personnel braved hazardous environments to reach stranded residents despite rising seas and challenging weather conditions.

Helicopters were used for survey flights and to rescue people who had become stranded in distant places. The altruistic efforts of the rescue workers and volunteers have been laudable, demonstrating the resilient spirit that communities have in times of distress.

Disaster Assistance and Rescue Efforts

To provide protection to displaced families, shelters for emergencies have been established. These shelters provide basic necessities such as nourishment, potable water, and medical aid to individuals in need.

NGOs, local organizations, as well as concerned citizens have banded together to help the impacted areas by offering vital goods and assistance. The outpouring of assistance has been a ray of hope, reflecting the nation’s strength in the face of hardship.

Sikkim Flash Floods


The Sikkim Flash Floods, caused by the Teesta River overflowing after a cloudburst, put the state’s resiliency to the test. Despite the pandemonium, a feeling of unity prevailed. Authorities’ prompt actions saved lives, while the bravery of rescue crews highlighted the darkest hours.

Communities banded together, providing shelter, food, and unflinching support. NGOs and citizens banded together to become beacons of hope. Sikkim demonstrated the strength inherent in unity during this crisis.

The echoes of togetherness persist as the waves recede. Sikkim’s rehabilitation journey is a monument to the human spirit, bolstered by communal tenacity. The state, united, rises above misfortune, demonstrating that even in the face of nature’s wrath, hope and solidarity can reconstruct what was destroyed.



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