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India’s Progress Highlighted by Putin: PM Modi’s Vision

Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed India’s exceptional accomplishments under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary leadership in a critical moment on the world stage.

India’s Progress Highlighted by Putin, technical breakthroughs, and social development measures at an international gathering, underscoring the country’s emergence as a prominent player in the international arena.

India's Progress Highlighted by Putin

According to Reuters, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that countries such as India, Brazil, and South Africa deserve additional participation on the UN Security Council and that the UN should be transformed gradually.

India’s Progress Highlighted by Putin

Putin praised India’s exceptional economic growth, which has been a main emphasis of Prime Minister Modi’s programs. Under Modi’s leadership, the Indian economy has experienced sustained development, fueled by structural reforms, infrastructure investment, and entrepreneurship-promoting policies.

The country’s GDP growth rate has remained remarkable, attracting international investors’ attention and maintaining a favorable economic environment. Since initiating a full-fledged offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, Putin has seldom left Russia. He recently skipped the BRICS meeting in South Africa as well as the G20 meeting in New Delhi. Putin explained that he skipped the meetings because he did not want to cause a “political show.”

India is a powerful, massive country with a population of over 1.5 billion people and an economic growth rate of more than 7%. And it’s only getting stronger under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership,” Putin remarked.

Technological Advancements:

In Putin’s speech, India’s technological advances were also acknowledged. India, with its growing IT industry, has emerged as a global powerhouse for software services and digital innovation. The Prime Minister’s emphasis on digital initiatives, such as the Digital India campaign, has encouraged widespread technological adoption, resulting in greater digital literacy and access to key services for millions of individuals.

Efforts for Social Development: 

The Russian President praised India’s dedication to social development, mentioning efforts such as healthcare reforms, education programs, and poverty-relief projects. The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prioritized social welfare, striving to empower marginalized populations, offer decent healthcare, and expand educational possibilities. These efforts have made a huge difference in the lives of millions of Indians.

Infrastructure Development: 

Putin commended India’s significant progress in infrastructure development, emphasizing the government’s emphasis on constructing world-class transport networks, smart cities, and renewable energy projects. PM Modi’s bold initiatives, such as the Smart Cities Mission and the National Infrastructure Pipeline, have laid the groundwork for long-term urbanization and improved connectivity across the country.

India's Progress Highlighted by Putin

International Collaborations and Politics: 

Under PM Modi’s leadership, the Russian President lauded India’s proactive involvement in international collaborations and diplomacy. India’s strategic alliances, particularly in defense and space exploration, have boosted its worldwide status. Collaboration with other countries has not only improved India’s technological skills but has also promoted mutual cooperation on regional and global concerns.

PM Modi’s Vision for a New India:

Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a New India, characterized by economic prosperity, technological innovation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability, has been widely praised. His emphasis on self-sufficiency, as evidenced by initiatives such as Make in India, has reinforced domestic sectors and reduced reliance on imports, considerably contributing to the country’s economic resiliency.

Acknowledgment of worldwide Leadership:

Putin’s acknowledgment of India’s success under PM Modi’s leadership underlines India’s emergence as a worldwide leader. The honor comes at a time when India is actively participating in international conversations, forging collaborations, and playing a critical role in defining the future of the global economy.

Environmental Management:

Putin praised India’s dedication to both environmental protection and sustainable growth. PM Modi’s focus on sources of clean energy, afforestation programs, and climate change efforts has gained him international acclaim. India’s efforts to meet its climate targets while encouraging green technologies are consistent with global environmental aspirations.

India's Progress Highlighted by Putin


India’s Progress Highlighted by Putin: Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded India’s extraordinary growth under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. Recognising India’s economic growth, technological advances, and social initiatives, he urged India to play a larger position in the UN Security Council.

Modi’s reforms boosted economic resilience and drew in foreign investors. India’s digital growth, social welfare programs, and environmental efforts were lauded. Putin’s recognition of India’s global leadership reflects Modi’s vision of an affluent, technologically advanced, and environmentally sensitive society.

As India actively participates in global collaborations, its dedication to progress and diplomacy is felt globally, cementing India’s place as a significant actor in the world’s socioeconomic.



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